T U S H A N T  B A N S A L


TUBA DESIGN is an award winning AD 100 multi-disciplinary design and research studio founded in 2015, in New Delhi, India. While the practice remains dedicated to realisation of Interiors, the studio also operates in areas like manufacturing bespoke furniture, Home accessories and Lifestyle products.


Born in New Delhi, Tushant has an extensive experience working on a wide range of projects, both residential and commercial. His approach to design is innovative yet grounded. He has a flexible design vocabulary with professional experience accrued in India and UK a masters degree in Interior & Furniture design from Florence Design Academy, Italy.

Bansal's process is meticulous with no detail overlooked. His talented team consists of highly skilled artisans and craftsmen. For Tushant, Interior Design need to have narrative, layers of meaning that work together to create not just a cohesive living environment, but also an experience that engages the senses.

Besides his esteemed clientele in and around Delhi, he has been quietly designing and delivering bespoke high end home accessories to a few luxury design studios in London since 2017, pushing boundaries of his design understanding and expertise.